Sunday, August 2, 2015

Eurovision 2012: Introducing Azerbaijan to the World

    The Eurovision song contest is the longest running TV song competition show in the world. The competition has been held annually since 1956 and each country in Europe selects a musical act to go forward and represent their nation in the song contest. Each country is required to submit an original song to be performed on live television and then citizens vote to select the most popular show in the competition.

    During the 2012 competition, which took place in Baku, I was in Beijing. I was desperate to go back to Baku to celebrate this momentous event with all other Azeri people but unfortunately, I couldn't because I had exams. But later I watched the show in Internet and was amazed by the level of organization. Especially for this event the Crystal Hall was built and also many other constructions in the city. It was a big change of Baku city and it became even more beautiful and attractive. After Eurovision I came to Baku on my holidays and was amazed with the positive change of the city.

    You can watch the Grand Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest on

    I remember in 2011, when Azerbaijan was performing in Eurovision in Germany, I was also in Beijing. Because of time difference and low Internet speed, it was impossible for me to watch it online and I went to sleep hoping and dreaming that my country would win. That year, the Azerbaijani song was fantastic - I liked it very much and really believed that Azerbaijan would perform well. In the morning, I had a message from my mother saying that Azerbaijan won and I was in shock from happiness! I was jumping up and down – I couldn’t believe it was true. Then I went online and confirmed the wonderful news. I was so proud for my country! Next day I was so excited and shared the good news with all my university friends.

    Here is the performance of Azerbaijan Eurovision 2011 - Ell and Nikki - Running Scared:

    Similar to The First European Games in Baku, I believe these kinds of events are very important for Azerbaijan’s economical development. Now living in Europe, I know that many people are more familiar with our country thanks to Eurovision 2012. Now that Azerbaijan is becoming more well-known around Europe and the world, I hope that more people will come to visit our beautiful country.

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